Hi Paul, thanks for a brilliant course. I’ve really enjoyed doing it. The lessons were easy to follow and coupled with the videos made it feel like I was getting one:one support.

Sandra Linnett, June 2016Derby, UK

Dear Paul,

I enjoyed a lot the MNT training you are offering. The videos are great, very well explained and ilustrated,with enough details to allow the junior NMT practitioners start the great adventure of this particularly interesting method of skin rejuvenation.

Thank you very much also for your availability and advices provided me through the whole training.

Kind regards,


Dr. Narcisa Mesaros, June 2016Belgium

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learned a whole wealth of knowledge. I got enough confidence from this course to be able to confidently practice Facial Enhancement on friends and clients.

I have gotten nothing but positive remarks from everyone. They are in turn recommending these procedures to their friends and relatives..

I will strongly recommend this course to anyone with interest in Facial Enhancement.

I will add this to my Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Practice.

Maria D. Encarnacion, M.D., April 2016Virginia, USA

The course was completely different from what I expected. As a physiotherapist I do not delve much into the Chinese medicine side of acupuncture so learning more about that side of the treatment was very interesting. There is a lot of information and the course is designed well, in little sections to master before moving on to the next. I particularly liked the videos showing the needling techniques. A lot of the techniques, particularly the intradermal needles, took a bit of practising but don’t let that put you off. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results on patients. The course leaves you with enough knowledge and and confidence in your new skills to go straight out and use them. I would not hesitate to recommend this course!

Anna Nanavati, April 2016Scunthorpe, UK

Paul, it’s been a true pleasure learning cosmetic acupuncture with you.  You are always available to answer my questions and it’s wonderful to know that even though I’m taking an online course, that an instructor makes the effort to respond to students right away.  That means so much to me and I would highly recomend this course to all my colleagues.

I’m a new acupuncturist and have not had much experience needling facial points.  Paul does a fantastic job breaking down the material into such a way that it is easy to learn.  I also have just opened my own practice and have found that it is impossible right now for me to get away for a 2-3 day course.  Paul’s course allows you to work at your own pace, which is perfect for someone who has work and home obligations.  It was a true pleasure and I can’t wait to share my new skills with my clients!

Katie Smith, March 2016Maryland, USA

Thank you so much for offering this course, enjoyed it and hope to get busy using it ASAP.

Jonathan Hockey, January 2016Kent, UK

Hi Paul, First I would like to thank you very much for the excellent FEA training you are offering. The content is just right, not too heavy but with all necessary details to allow fellows to start the great adventure of FEA. The videos are of excellent quality, very well explained and full of small tips for the junior FEA fellows. I really enjoyed your course.

I would also like to thank you for the very prompt responses, for all your appreciations and advice. They were much appreciated! I warmly recommend your course to all acupuncturists who are looking to offer their patients a healthy way to feel good and look better. Thank you very much.

Narcisa Mesaros, October 2015Belgium

All I can say is thank you Paul for a fantastic course. The videos were amazing and easy to follow. I have done online courses before, and I must stress this course was the best so far. I bought your book facial enhancement acupuncture clinical use and application, again what a good book. I will use this as a reference, something I can keep going back to to help with my private practice. Again thank you for the feed backs on all the assignments, such a quick response. Again many many thanks. I would definitely recommend the course for anyone interested in cosmetic acupuncture.

Jan Gilchrist, November 2015Llangollen, North Wales

I thoroughly enjoyed the Facial Enhance Course! It allowed me to do the course at my own pace and I could immediately begin working with the tools I learned during the course. The videos and text was very clear and concise. I would recommend this course to any acupuncturist interested in widening their knowledge in the field.

Emanuelle Moriah Abuhav, November 2015Israel

Hi Paul, Thank you for this fantastic course. I am very impressed and feel satisfied that I took this course as opposed to a live course in another province. I was impressed by your quick feedback and email responses to my questions.

Rachel Eni, October 2015British Columbia, Canada