Micro Needle Therapy Dermal Roller Online Course




Learn Paul Adkins’ skin needling protocol online. This course is currently ONLY available to acupuncturists.

Now featuring training in the FACIALENHANCE Dermal Pen – a breakthrough in skin needling technology.
Visit www.facialenhance.co.uk to purchase the Dermal Pen separately or visit our new Micro Needle Therapy Dermal Pen course.

This MNT Course now includes a 3 treatment starter kit:

  • x3 Skinrolla 1.5mm Rollers
  • x1 EMLA Numbing Cream 30g
  • x1 Hyaluronic Serum 60ml
  • x1 Post-Treatment Cream

  • Note: Three treatments will more than pay for the cost of the course.

    The course features:

    Detailed online video demonstration of Micro Needle Therapy filmed in HD.
    FREE Three-Treatment Starter Kit
    Video featuring skincare products and the equipment required for treatment.
    Video featuring jade roller techniques.
    Train at your own pace. No time limits. Start any time.
    Full colour diagrams.
    Comprehensive product information in relation to client expectation.
    Step-by-step treatment guide.
    Become a Micro Needle Therapy practitioner with ongoing support and special offers.
    Special prices available for top quality dermal rollers and skincare products.
    Exclusive access to your tutor Paul Adkins.
    Specialist insurance available for UK based practitioners.
    Certification from FACIALENHANCE.
    Listing as an MNT practitioner on the Cosmetic Acupuncture UK (for 1 year) and FACIALENHANCE websites.
    Homework assignments to ensure competence and safety criteria is met at all times.


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