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Who Are We?

Acupuncturecoursesonline.com is the training portal for the FACIALENHANCE® online courses.

  • EST. 2004
  • Provides seminars, masterclasses and online training.

What We Do

We help you to develop your skill set of acupuncture treatment protocols.

Adding new services can bring an extra source of income and expertise into your practice.

Online training saves you time and money on travel. You can take courses at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Tokyo Cosmetic Acupuncture Seminar

Why We Do It?

You’ve spent many years training, and you offer acupuncture to help others. We want to help your business flourish and reach a wider audience.

We’ve seen how the integration of new protocols can transform businesses.

To date, FACIALENHANCE® has trained acupuncture practitioners in forty countries. These treatment protocols are now practised in clinics around the world.

We love to share knowledge and support fellow practitioners.