Video: Five Element Acupuncture Theory Online Course

Five Element Acupuncture Theory Online Course

The Five Element Acupuncture Theory online course is now hosted over on the International College of Acupuncture website.

It provides comprehensive training to acupuncture practitioners. Open to acupuncturists from a range of backgrounds, TCM, Western Medical, Five Element:

✔️ If you want to dramatically increase and widen your acupuncture knowledge.

✔️ If you want to discover the power of the Five Elements and how this can benefit your patients.

✔️ If you want to enable a balanced and complete diagnosis for your patients.

The Five Element Acupuncture Theory online course is the training for you.

Watch our 5-minute video about our CMA Accredited Five Element Acupuncture Theory online course.

Find out how the course is structured and what it involves.

Visit the course page to enrol.

How Video Helps You to Learn Acupuncture Techniques Online

Cosmetic Acupuncture Video

I thought your course was well organized and very informative. I found the videos to be very helpful in terms of putting what was written into practice and seeing the rhythm with which you work.

Amelie de Mahy, January 2015California, USA

I’ve found that including HD Videos of each of my FACIALENHANCE® treatment protocols has really brought the courses alive.

As acupuncture practitioners, you will be fully versed in the points that are used in, for example, my Facial Enhancement Acupuncture online course, but watching a video, as Amelie so wonderfully puts above, helps to see “the rhythm with which you work”.

There’s no doubt either that although the courses are full of comprehensive reading material, having a visual guide helps to cement the process in student’s minds.

There are also techniques that I use that may be fairly unique within general acupuncture practice. I’ve found that our videos really help to convey how certain types of needling can successfully work on lifting the face and diminishing wrinkles.

I truly enjoyed the course, the quality of the lessons and the videos. It was one of the best online course I have ever taken.

Joanne Groulx, February 2015Ontario, Canada

Micro Needle Therapy is a brand new treatment to many. Feedback has been that being able to re-watch the videos again and again has really benefitted learning and enabled practitioners to feel confident when performing the protocol in their own clinic.

With 16 HD videos throughout the Facial Enhancement Acupuncture online course, 22 HD videos for Micro Needle Therapy online training and 10 for Jade Roller Massage, we’ve divided my protocols into bite-sized chunks. I’ve found that this approach has worked well to facillitate the learning of each step.

I found the Micro Needle Therapy Course very clear, very informative and the numerous videos very helpful. The protocol is easy to apply yet, requires precision and attention. I find it a superb complement to the FEA treatment as it allows to work on all the hard to reach areas.I would highly suggest to anyone interested in Facial Enhancement Acupuncture to take both courses as I now find them inseparable. Thank you Paul for yet another great course.

Olivier Coste Renoult, September 2014France

Watch the video above to see excerpts of the HD videos we use within our online training portal.