Cookie Policy

We use website cookies to improve user experience of our website by enabling our website to ‘remember’ users, either for the duration of their visit – using a ‘session cookie’ – or for repeat visits – using a ‘persistent cookie’.


The Cookies We Use

Google Analytics Cookies

When someone visits our website we use a third party service, Google Analytics, to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site. This information is only processed in a way which does not identify anyone. We do not make, and do not allow Google to make, any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our website. If we do want to collect personally identifiable information through our website, we will be up front about this. We will make it clear when we collect personal information and will explain what we intend to do with it. If you would like to know more about how Google uses cookies, please click here


The first two cookies are used to distinguish users and expire wihin 2 years and 24 hours respectively. The third is used to throttle request rate and expire in 1 minute. _utma stores the amount of visits for each visitor and expires after 2 years. _utmb and _utmc work together to track when a visit starts and ends, the former expires after 30 minutes, the latter when you close the browser. _utmz records whether a visitor came from a search engine and which search term, if any, they used – it expires after 6 months. _utmt expires after 10 minutes and works just like the _gat cookie.


WooCommerce Cookies


The first two are session cookies and contain information about the cart as a whole and helps WooCommerce know when the cart data changes. The third cookie contains a unique code for each customer so that it knows where to find the cart data in the database for each customer and expires after 1 day. No personal information is stored within these cookies.


Vimeo Cookies


This cookie is set by the Vimeo video player and expires after 2 years.


WordPress Cookies


This cookie has no impact on the user’s experience, it is used when access to secure parts of the site are required and expires after 1 week.




Mailmunch enables visitors to sign up to our newsletter and uses http cookies to recognise users when they return to the site. These cookies expire within 1 year.


Cookie Notice Cookies


This stops the cookie notice coming up each time you visit and expires after 6 months.


TalentLMS Cookies – Online Training Portal


This is a session cookie and stores temporary information for site functionality, expiring when the visitor closes their browser.


Facebook Cookies


This cookie is set by Facebook to deliver advertisement when they are on Facebook or a digital platform powered by Facebook advertising after visiting this website. Expires after two months.


The cookie is set by Facebook to show relevant advertisements to the users and measure and improve the advertisements. The cookie also tracks the behaviour of the user across the web on sites that have Facebook pixel or Facebook social plugin. Expires after two months.


Hubspot Cookies


This cookie is set by Hubspot and is used for tracking visitors. It contains the domain, utk, initial timestamp (first visit), last timestamp (last visit), current timestamp (this visit), and session number (increments for each subsequent session). Expires after one year.


This cookie is used by HubSpot to keep track of the visitors to the website. This cookie is passed to Hubspot on form submission and used when deduplicating contacts. Expires after one year.


This cookie is set by Hubspot. According to their documentation, whenever HubSpot changes the session cookie, this cookie is also set to determine if the visitor has restarted their browser. If this cookie does not exist when HubSpot manages cookies, it is considered a new session.


This cookie is set by HubSpot. The purpose of the cookie is to keep track of sessions. This is used to determine if HubSpot should increment the session number and timestamps in the __hstc cookie. It contains the domain, viewCount (increments each pageView in a session), and session start timestamp. Expires after 30 minutes.

Cookies will make your browsing experience smoother and you are given the opportunity to accept cookies when you first visit our website. This decision will expire after 6 months and you will be asked again when you next visit the site. With continued use of our website, you consent to our use of cookies as described above.

Most browsers allow some control of cookies and there is a helpful section here if you wish to find out more.