Thank you for providing a very informative and thoroughly enjoyable course. I trained originally in TCM and it has been a pleasure to learn so much more about the five elements which have always interested me. Study with you has been a great benefit to me as a practitioner and an individual. The course material is complete in itself but it was lovely to also have a good bibliography (reading list) for further reference, I would recommend future students to take advantage of your guidance in reading matter.

Revana Swales, February 2019

That is an amazing demonstration and I’m very excited to be able to now introduce this to clients, you have made the detail of this course very easy to learn and understand.

Claire Armstrong, May 2018Hampshire, UK

I thought the class was great, I think adding this to the cosmetic acupuncture course I already took will be very helpful to give a more well rounded treatment.

Teresa Fons, April 2018Wisconsin, USA

My initial thoughts were of how would a online acupuncture course work however, I needn’t have worried because the course was really enjoyable. Using photogenic evidence for assignments was really great in that it was great feedback for myself to have a visual tool to use. I have also purchased the book which I carry with me all the time I enjoy the tips and guidance it gives me.

I have no doubt that I will enrol in another course in the future.

Thank you for the feedback and assistance.

Helen McQue, March 2018North Yorkshire, UK

Thank you for the course. I thought it was very well put together and thank you for being so quick to reply to my questions.

Tatiana Martins, February 2018Manitoba, Canada

Thank you Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learned so much. I particularly enjoyed the practical elements and found the research subjects very interesting and enlightening. The course layout was easy to navigate and content appropriate. I’m very excited to get started with my new found skills!

Dawn Dellow, February 2018York, UK

Thank you so much Paul – I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It is very well put together, informative with clear video tutorials and write ups. I feel confident about being able to carry out successful facial enhancement acupuncture treatments in the future. Thank you for answering all my questions throughout and guiding me through the process. Being able to complete the course in my time at my pace was paramount for me and has worked very well. I would definitely recommend this course to any future acupuncturists looking to branch out into Facial enhancement.

Samantha Parsons, November 2017Sheffield, UK

I thought this course was fantastic, a great platform to do an online course on, gave me flexibility to learn around my job and communication was always clear and at the times outlined on the course. I enjoyed it, sure it will open up an avenue for income and scope for introducing new patients to acupuncture that might not have tried before.

K.D., October 2017Scotland

The Facial Enhancement Acupuncture online course has been fantastic. Due to other commitments I couldn’t get to one of Paul’s sessions for several months, so being able to study the course in my own time has been a huge help and it has enabled me to complete the course much sooner than I would have been able to otherwise. Paul has always been quick to reply to my emails and answer any questions I may have had. My assignments were marked quickly and I was able to progress through the course in good time. Thank you so much to Paul for designing this course, I’m sure that my patients will enjoy their Facial Enhancement Acupuncture treatments!

Juliet Aitchison, September 2017UK

I found the Facial Enhancement Acupuncture Course very comprehensive, easy to understand and enjoyable. The e-lessons and the videos are very clear and concise. l chose this course because not only concentrates on the face but on the whole person as well. The clients l practiced on could see a difference after the second treatment. l would recommended this course to anyone interested in this field.

Rosa Vilaseca, August 2017Nottingham, UK