Another great course, really thorough and informative. I already have quite a lot of interest and cant wait to get started, thank you for providing a great training package.

Katie Smith, July 2017Hull, UK

Hi Paul,

The course was great. Very easy to follow and I appreciated having the facility to go back over certain sections.

Your response to questions and grading of assignments was always very prompt, again something which was very much appreciated.

Dr Fiona Barry, June 2017Co. Cork, Ireland

Dear Paul,

Thank you a lot for this course. It was really exiting for me to see and understand how classical acupuncture is used in a Facial Enhancement Acupuncture.

As regarding the course, very instructive for me were video lessons. Even a doctor with experience sometimes finds it difficult to visualize some details for himself.
However, the video helped me a lot. Moreover, I revised several passages a few times-many after the passage of time and a new course. In order to compare my skills with the ones shown. This is also very useful.

The methods of combining and using different needles were important for me.
Well, of course, your author’s methodology, I just start to work with it, deserves special praise.

Svetlana Vladimirovna, June 2017Russia

The course content was fluid and the video footage extremely useful. I have really enjoyed the alternative acupuncture perspective.

Jo Ellis, April 2017Cheshire, UK

As with the FEA course, I thought it was really well structured. The use of video is great. Any questions I had were answered in the text information, and as always, you are very prompt at replying to any queries via email.

I’m really looking forward to including MNT into my practice.

Thanks for another great course.

Anna Nanavati, March 2017Scunthorpe, UK

I am honored to have attended your online continuing education course! Thank you for having me and sharing some much needed perspective along with the wisdom only encompassed by a true professional. I feel truly enlightened.

Whitney Ellis, February 2017

Thank you Paul, have thoroughly enjoyed the course, opening new avenues. …looking forward to incorporating this unique service to my local community. Fantastic format that pushes you to the next level, thank you so much for the opportunity and the positive feedback. Will hopefully attend a workshop in the future to consolidate skills. Cheers, Jamie

Jamie Logan, January 2017Dumfries, Scotland

Marie Brobyn, January 2017Cheltenham, UK

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing the course and am excited for the new opportunities to come. The course is set out really well and very easy to follow. Feedback was very efficient also.

Having all the equipment sent and ready to use was really helpful. Conducting the very first treatment is slightly nerve racking however this quickly passes.

My clients face has changed and improved since the treatments and people have even complimented her on her skin tone and appearance. She is very happy with the results so far and it has helped me start to gain a portfolio. I am now starting to gain confidence in the selling of some of the products as you can see they make a real difference.

Marie Matanle, January 2017Billericay & Brentwood, UK

Paul thank you so much for delivering such a Fantastic course.  I really enjoyed it &  It has added more knowledge to my Practice as an Acupuncturist. I found it very interesting. I did not realise there would be so much involved in it, but that is a good thing. I have learned alot from doing the course, I would highly recommend fellow Acupuncturists to study it.   Very well put together & excellent prompt feedback. Many thanks. Antoinette

Antoinette Gravina, December 2016Co. Cork, Ireland