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Michael Baker Acupuncture Q&A

We’ve had some great questions sent to us about the Five Element Acupuncture Theory online course since it’s launch earlier this month, that we thought it would be a great idea to do a Q&A with the course tutor Michael Baker, based on some of the enquiries we’ve been receiving. So, here we go…

Q. Is there a time limit for completion?

Michael: Yes, students have one year from the date of their enrolment to complete the course. If a student is unable to complete their training within this time, we can extend access for a subsequent year – students will need to pay a £30 admin charge to do this.

Q. Do I get sent each module as I complete an assignment?

Michael: No, the course is carried out via the online study area, so you upload your assignments there and then move onto the next section once you’ve received feedback from me personally. All you need is an internet connection and you can login at any time to continue with your studies.

Q. Are there any videos to watch?

Michael: No, we concentrate on the theory, but there are full-colour images and diagrams to support the course material.

Q. Is there somebody to ask questions with and discuss any difficulties during the course, or is it a stand-alone course?

Michael: There is a ‘Messages’ button within the study area, so should you need any help throughout your studies, I’m available to support you with your training.

Q. Do we get any feedback during the course?

Michael: Yes, there are some assignments to complete and I personally provide feedback for each submission.

Q. Will the assignments and tests take me a long time to complete?

Michael: No, there are five assignments to complete, each of which has a 500 word limit. These will take between 1 to 3 hours dependent upon how much time you require to review the material to complete the task. There are seven test questions, each of which relates to the completed section. The tests are single-questioned and multiple-choice for each section, so they are very straightforward and only take minutes to complete.

Q. Can you tell me how long the course will take me to complete on average?

Michael: This is a little tricky to answer as of course, everyone works at a different pace, with varying commitments.

Although taking into account the time to digest all of the reading material, to complete the assignments and the multiple-choice tests, we’d estimate around the 20-30 hour mark or thereabouts.

Q. I have recently graduated, would this course help me in a practical way?

Michael: Yes I feel it does for the following reasons:

From the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and the Western medicine practitioner perspective, sections “A” and “B” will enhance your practice through the utilisation of the essence of the Five Elements (5E).

Section “C” 1.1 to 1.3.8 introduces the concept of major blocks, therefore offers the opportunity for 5E practitioners to review this material. TCM and Western style practitioners should find this section will support their work in a very practical way.

Section “C” 1.4 to 1.4.26 deals with conditions such as Deficiency of Qi and Blood, Stagnation of Qi and Blood, Heat in the Blood, and issues of Body Fluids, Phlegm and Damp. The section will help TCM and Western style practitioners treat conditions they are familiar with, from a 5E perspective. By the same token this section will help 5E practitioners treat conditions they are unfamiliar with from a TCM perspective.

Section “D” explores the diagnostic technique of Colour/Sound/Odour/Emotion, (C/S/O/E) thereby offering the opportunity for 5E practitioners to review this material. TCM and Western style practitioners are offered the opportunity to utilise these diagnostic techniques to support their work.

Section “E” is structured to enhance the work of 5E, TCM, and Western style practitioners in assisting their patients to understand how foods can influence their health.

Q. As this course is aimed at acupuncturists, how will it expand on the knowledge I already have of the Five Elements?

Michael: The course is certainly aimed to enhance the applicant’s level of knowledge. You will see from my introduction that I studied Five Element Acupuncture with Professor J. R. Worsley and his inspirational team. In the years following my having qualified it was my wish to have a clearer understanding of the TCM approach to treating particular conditions; such as Deficiency in Blood and Qi, Stagnation of Qi and Blood, Heat in the Blood, and Damp etc. This course offers Five Element practitioners the opportunity to understand how to treat such conditions while maintaining the principles of 5E. The course will enhance and deepen your knowledge of the foods that influence our health from the Five Element perspective; along with expanding your knowledge of the diagnostic principles of C/S/O/E.

I have been a Five Element practitioner for thirty years, and wish this kind of course was available when I first qualified.

Q. Can I ask questions about my own patients, if related to the course?

Michael: Yes, providing they relate to the course this would be part of the support I would offer.

I hope you have found this Q&A helpful. All your questions are valued, please contact us if there is anything you’d like to ask before enroling on the Five Element Acupuncture Theory online course. Michael and I would be happy to help.


Paul Adkins Lic.Ac., BA(Hons), FEA, MBAcC, MCAUK

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