Studying Cosmetic Acupuncture Online Vs Workshop Training

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Studying Cosmetic Acupuncture Online Vs Workshop Training

I often get asked which is better:

A.      Learning cosmetic acupuncture at one of my workshops

B.      Studying via my online option

Well, obviously you don’t get the full benefit of my charismatic personality online but, in all seriousness, you can gain the same level of training. When a practitioner asks this question, I find that I turn it back around on them and ask them what type of training they prefer. The reason being is that we all have different preferences for how we like to learn. I’ve found that some acupuncturists are happiest working through the course material at their own speed to suit their schedule, whereas others find it easier to learn in a practical classroom environment and be up-and-running after one day.

Here are six advantages about both training methods e.g.:


Online Training

  1. Work at your own pace, no time limit
  2. Watch HD online video demonstrations to master techniques (these can be revisited)
  3. Develop your knowledge of the subject through assignments and tests
  4. Access to me throughout your training
  5. No travel or accommodation expenses – study from the comfort of your own home
  6. Talk about topics with fellow students in the discussion area


Workshop Training

  1. ‘Hands on’ practical training
  2. Opportunity to ask questions as they arise throughout the day
  3. Intensive one-day study, enabling you to get started right away
  4. See how I interact with patients
  5. Full course notes
  6. Meet fellow acupuncture practitioners and discuss practice


Whichever way you choose to learn Facial Enhancement Acupuncture, you’ll have the same level of training and be ready to start practising my protocol at the end of the courses. If anything comes to you after the day or completion of the programme, feel free to ask – I always welcome your questions.

So, if online training is right for you, visit my courses page to enrol today.

Looking to attend a workshop? Then my training page will direct you to the workshops and masterclasses I have running throughout the year.

Either way, I look forward to meeting you virtually or in person!

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