Kim Burger, Hawaii, USA. FEA Online Course, February 2021

Thank you for offering this course and providing details in the instructional videos that have really helped me understand and apply the various needles and point the proper way. I bought your book first and really enjoyed it but was still desiring to get a more in depth understanding of how to use many of the face lifting, neck and jaw needling techniques and how to properly insert the intra dermal needles. Your course has more than provided all of this for me and I am now feeling much more confident in my understanding and ability to offer these facial enhancing treatments to the various skin issues and ages of women that will be seeking this type of treatment.

I have been practicing acupuncture for 25 years and was getting somewhat burned out on the usual treatments even though my patients are  still just as thrilled with their results. After learning this new technique and taking your course, I now have a renewed excitement and am looking forward to offering this treatment as a natural and safe way to reverse signs of aging while also balancing the internal organs.

Again, many thanks for this wonderful course!

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