I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. Normally I’m not a fan of online courses but this is different. The videos are excellent and the course is presented in a friendly, clear way, step by step. Brief assignments have a practical value and Paul is quick at marking and returning them. His comments are really helpful and you have the option to ask questions whenever you need to. All in all a great course. Highly recommend. I also used his book to support my learning, this worked really well. Many thanks Paul

Sarah Sherman

I really loved doing this course and the fact that FEA treatments also include body acupuncture makes it more appealing. We’re promoting beauty on the inside and outside! As someone who is a big fan of technology, I liked that this course was on a modern platform that was easy to use and all the module titles are outlined before you even purchase the course. The clarity and transparency of this course is appealing.

Heather Gaunt

A comprehensive online course, with enjoyable theorical lessons and clear videos. I would highly recommend this course for any acupuncturist.

Paula Price

Brilliant course, exceptionally laid out and very thought through videos. Paul makes FEA very exciting by explaining it in a clear and extremely well structured manner. I cannot wait to commence helping my patients feel facial enhancement and rejuvenation.

Michelle Jahina