I’m pleased with this course. It was great to do everything at my own pace, and I certainly feel more confident in needling the face now.

Sandy Wu

I’ve really enjoyed the course and the clear instructions, Paul clearly has dedicated time, talent and effort to this craft. I have and will continue to recommend this course to acupuncturists that I work with and I can’t wait to offer these treatments to people who want to look and feel better.

Keith Brewer

The course was excellent and helped me a lot by making me practice what I was reading in order to go on with course. I loved it. I am beginning to see more and more aspects of cosmetic acupuncture everyday and I am becoming an expert on seeing faces behind the faces! Thank you for this wonderful made course.

Oana Melinte-Moraru

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I thought the videos were well put together and the music accompanying them really enhanced them. I already do an acupressure face massage and so the rollers and gua sha will really enhance this.

Catherine Chadwick