Absolutely loved this course. I could not decide whether to attend the workshop course or learn online so Covid 19 made the decision for me and online it was! The format and content of the online course was excellent. Tremendous support from Paul throughout, he really is an excellent, knowledgeable and encouraging tutor.  I have completed this course very confident in offering FEA. Would highly recommend to any practitioner. Coming from a Western Medical acupuncture background, this has absolutely whetted my appetite for 5 elements.

Kate van Rensburg

Just completed the Facial Enhance course excellent video and well demonstrated thank you. (Jade Roller Online Masterclass)

Dawn Regan

FEA: I thought that course was very good and detailed, having videos of different needling techniques I thought was very good and useful. Overall I really enjoyed the course, I will be recommending it to my acupuncture friends!

Jade Roller: Really enjoyed learning this course, I’ll use it alongside with your Facial Enhancement Acupuncture course.


Charlotte Palfrey

I have really enjoyed studying Facial Enhancement Acupuncture and given that I live in the North East of England using this online facility has proved cost effective. The site is easy to navigate, information easy to understand and includes some very good quality training videos. The assessment process is straightforward with a mix of multiple choice, short answer questions and case studies. All assignments and photographic evidence is easy to upload. Support from the tutor is excellent, all questions answered promptly with detailed quality feedback on all assignments. Despite my initial reservations given that acupuncture requires a practical approach to learning I have found the online course excellent and would highly recommend this course.

Lesley Green