I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed the Facial Enhancement Course. It has been so interesting and the course itself so easy to follow. Thank you for your feedback on each section. I love how the course is broken up into those sections too.

I am excited to be offering this treatment to my clients, here is what one of the models has said: “I am so happy with the results so far and am now going to give up my botox for this treatment, I love it!”

And so do I! Thankyou Paul

Suzanne Haughey Purdie

I would give this course 10 stars for the way it has been designed and the teachings delivered! Although I have been doing acupuncture for 13 years I have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed doing my online course with Paul. The lessons are so easy to follow and the videos go really well to understand needle techniques. This is the first time I have used intradermal needles and the way Paul has captured it on the video made it extremely easy to understand and follow.

I must mention that Paul is always available for his students and responded back straight away whenever I e-mailed him with any queries.

Being an MSK physiotherapist this has been a perfect course for me. Being able to do it online at my own pace has helped especially as COVID happened and I have a young baby – I was able to work around my job, home and child.

The detox protocol is also a first for me and since using it before the treatment the results have been fantastic which noticeable changes in the first session.

I am so glad I found and did this course because I already have a list of people who want to come in for treatment.

Shreya Kane

Absolutely loved this course. I could not decide whether to attend the workshop course or learn online so Covid 19 made the decision for me and online it was! The format and content of the online course was excellent. Tremendous support from Paul throughout, he really is an excellent, knowledgeable and encouraging tutor.  I have completed this course very confident in offering FEA. Would highly recommend to any practitioner. Coming from a Western Medical acupuncture background, this has absolutely whetted my appetite for 5 elements.

Kate van Rensburg

Just completed the Facial Enhance course excellent video and well demonstrated thank you. (Jade Roller Online Masterclass)

Dawn Regan