I really really enjoyed this course,

I found the way it was organised really suited my needs, the modules and lessons were very well thought out containing all relevant information and just the right amount to stop me feeling overwhelmed, this meant I could study at my own pace and consistently too.

Information was shared in such a way as to be accessible and helpful and all of my queries were answered whenever I had them and I felt very well supported particularly given this was an online course.

Kat Hicken

Thank you so much for the course, it’s been a real joy to work through. I agree that patients want to look better and I have been asked in the past if some needles would help with lines and could I include that in a treatment? Well, now I feel confident and happy to be able to speak about and provide this kind of treatment. I particularly like that it is integrated within ‘traditional’ acupuncture, be that Five Element or TCM, whatever tradition you have trained in. It feels grounded within treating the patient as a whole – the patient does not only receive a facial enhancement treatment, they benefit from it being grounded within the fundamental concept of treating them holistically. Everyone benefits from an AE drain, it is such a crucial treatment.

The structure of the course is easy to follow and flexible to access. Being able to set your own time deadlines, was also a huge benefit for me. It’s easy to contact you by email or through the website and you always reply in very good time.

I thoroughly recommend the course to my peers and am looking forward to including this in the work I do in clinic.

Donna Reeve

I found the course to be much more in depth and informative that I had initially thought that it would be, and I really appreciated this. I was a bit apprehensive about undertaking an online course in needling instruction as there is no one physically there to oversee needling skills. However, I liked that I had to take pictures and have my needling reviewed, this has made me feel confident in my ability to go forward and offer this treatment. Thank you!

Jennifer Watson

The flexibilty offered by the online course is just fantastic. The information is clear and precise and the ability to watch and re-watch the videos is invaluable. Paul was easily contactable via email and available for any query. I am delighted to be able to offer this as an additional treatment in my practice.

Thank you Paul, I have throroughly enjoyed this course.

Tracy Dunphy