Chloe Chattington

Really great course, it worked so well online and Paul you’ve been amazing at feedback and answering questions.

Mitchelle Nyamukapa

The course was very useful and informative. I feel more confident to do cosmetic acupuncture treatments. I loved how you also included body acupuncture and facial massage.

Peter Yellup

Many thanks for the course, it has been really interesting and I think it will be great to add to my clinical skills.

Katy Stokes

Feedback – I have always been a bit apprehensive about doing any kind of online course, especially on a practical subject, however after doing a lot of research on cosmetic acupuncture I decided that this…

Maria O’Brien

I would highly recommend this course. It is very clearly explained and presented. I really enjoyed it and am delighted to have done it. I absolutely loved it! Thanks so much Paul.

Catherine Hutchison

This course has provided with me more skills and an overall treatment package to offer than i anticipiated  I really didnt have any interest in facial acupuncture until after graduation when starting to plan setting…

Resmi Sugathan

I really enjoyed the course, it was informative and well demonstrated. I feel confident to start new cosmetic acupuncture clinic from online training.

Paul Bellamy

I began the Facial Enhancement course as part of my annual CPD, unsure as to what to expect. The structure of the course is well thought out, breaking each aspect down and introducing things in…

Kat Hicken

I really really enjoyed this course, I found the way it was organised really suited my needs, the modules and lessons were very well thought out containing all relevant information and just the right amount…

Donna Reeve

Thank you so much for the course, it's been a real joy to work through. I agree that patients want to look better and I have been asked in the past if some needles would…